Meet Amy Ruth

My hobby for the past 15 years became my mission, making healthy and delicious meals that I could digest and that I could share with everyone around me.  The birth of my son Jake triggered the mission, I wanted to enjoy all the pleasures of this world with him, and that includes healthy meals and all of the fun foods that I was never able to eat.

Many health issues are helped with a wheat, dairy and sugar free diet.  I’ve struggled with my own digestion since I was a little girl.  Gone are the days where food upsets my stomach.  Instead of thinking of what I can’t eat, I learned to focus on the fabulous things that I can create.  Many of us are finding that taking wheat, dairy and sugar out of our diet makes us feel better. Names and diagnoses don’t have the power to heal, food choices can. Anyone can enjoy a gorgeous grain salad, a detox green soup and a warm muffin, knowing that we’re feeding our bodies pure and nutritious ingredients.

In 2012 while living in London, I created amy ruth’s baking mix because I wanted a healthy mix that I could make gluten, dairy and sugar free treats from. Most mixes are loaded with starches to compensate for the lack of wheat flour. Muffins were my biggest weakness and I wanted to prove that I could make a delicious treat that is made from superfood grains and seeds.  While manufacturing these mixes, I saw the incredible need of those who need help on specialty diets.  I was drawn to helping, encouraging and inspiring people to make better choices.

Now that I’m back home, I’m back to doing what I love most, teaching people how to feel better through food. I coach those who are on restricted diets such as Paleo, Fuhrman, Vegan, Atkins.  I help parents menu plan for children with special dietary needs as well.

I look forward to helping you and your family.

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